What Is The Best Thyroid Supplement For Hyperthyroidism?

Many people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease are turning to nutritional supplements and herbs for natural symptom management, and in some cases to restore their health back to normal. Some of these people have the question “What is the best thyroid supplement for hyperthyroidism? There are numerous supplements and herbs for hyperthyroidism, and it can definitely be a challenge to find those which are the most effective.

It’s a challenge to answer the question “What is the best thyroid supplement for hyperthyroidism”, because the truth is that there isn’t a single nutritional supplement or herb that will completely cure one’s condition. Don’t get me wrong, as sometimes a single nutritional supplement or herb can make a profound difference in a person’s health. For example, one of the best herbs that can help people with hyperthyroidism is Bugleweed. In fact, when I was personally diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, Bugleweed was probably the main herb responsible for managing my symptoms. However, there were also other supplements and herbs which played an important role in my recovery.

Which Nutritional Deficiencies Do You Have?

The problem with answering the question “What is the best thyroid supplement for hyperthyroidism” is that different people have different nutritional and mineral deficiencies. For example, even though it’s assumed by many that people with hyperthyroidism have an excess of iodine, the truth is that many people with this condition have an iodine deficiency. And in order to restore someone’s health back to normal, it is essential to correct such a deficiency.

So in order to determine the best thyroid supplement for a person with hyperthyroidism to take, one needs to individually evaluate the person to see which nutritional and mineral deficiencies they have. In addition to iodine, people with hyperthyroidism can have other deficiencies as well. There are numerous ways to evaluate nutritional deficiencies in people. With regards to mineral deficiencies, one of the best methods of accomplishing this is through a hair mineral analysis. This test will help to identify some of the mineral deficiencies at the cellular level.

3 Herbs That Can Help With Hyperthyroidism

While there isn’t any single nutritional supplement that is the best for hyperthyroidism, there are three herbs that can be helpful for those with a hyperthyroid condition:

Hyperthyroid Herb #1: Bugleweed. As I briefly spoke about before, Bugleweed helped me a great deal when I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease. It did a wonderful job of managing my symptoms, and without this herb I most likely would have needed to take the anti-thyroid drugs and beta blocker recommended by my endocrinologist. This isn’t meant to suggest that you should use it as a substitute for medication, as while this is an option, it’s a decision you will need to make on your own. All I could say is that I personally chose not to take any prescription drugs, and this herb helped to either reduce or completely eliminate my symptoms.

Hyperthyroid Herb #2: Motherwort. This is another herb that can be helpful for those people with hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease. Although Bugleweed did a great job of managing my symptoms, I still noticed some mild heart palpitations a few months after beginning to take it. So I continued taking the Bugleweed, and at the same time added the Motherwort, and in a short amount of time I no longer experienced the palpitations. So if you are taking Bugleweed and it hasn’t eliminated all of your symptoms (I would give this herb at least one or two months), it might be a good idea to begin taking Motherwort as well (under the guidance of a natural endocrine doctor of course).

Hyperthyroid Herb #3: Eleuthero. This isn’t an herb specific for hyperthyroidism, but instead it can help you cope with chronic stress. This of course is a big issue for many people, and an inability to deal with chronic stress can lead to weak adrenal glands. When I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, the Adrenal Stress Index test I received revealed that I had weak adrenal glands, and as a result, Eleuthero was also one of the herbs I took on a daily basis.

In addition to these herbs, certain nutritional supplements can also be beneficial, depending on the specific nutritional and mineral deficiencies a person may have. As mentioned earlier, many people are iodine deficient and will therefore need to supplement with iodine. Magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin D, and the B Vitamins are other examples of vitamins and minerals that people are commonly deficient in.

In summary, there is no good answer to the question “What is the best thyroid supplement for hyperthyroidism”. Different people will require different supplements and herbs, so the best thyroid supplement or herb for one person won’t necessarily be the best thyroid supplement for someone else with hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease. This is why it’s wise to consult with a competent natural endocrine doctor, rather than try to self-treat your condition. Even though nutritional supplements and herbs play an important role for anyone with a hyperthyroid condition, for anyone looking to receive optimal results it’s always best to consult with an expert.

Source by Dr. Eric Osansky

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