Spontaneous Remission of Hyperthyroidism Using Hypnotherapy

One man’s astonishing experience of spontaneous remission of his over-active thyroid (hyperthyroidism) shows just how hypnotherapy can help in getting health back on track.

This patient’s condition was seriously affecting his life. He would lie in bed with a racing heart beat reaching up to 160 beats per minute. He was losing anything from 2 to 4 pounds in weight per week. His GP prescribed him carbimazole and thyroxine. However, the medication caused weight gain. On a cocktail of drugs with radioactive therapy on the horizon if things didn’t improve, he wanted another solution to his troublesome condition.

He researched hypnotherapy and NLP as a possible cure and started listening to a recording by a hypnotherapist who used techniques to help offer possible spontaneous remission from disease.

He liked what he heard and found the therapy made logical sense. He concluded that his thyroid obviously knows what it’s like to work when it’s functioning normally.It knows what it’s like to be under functioning (hypothyroidism). And, his thyroid also knows what it’s like to be over functioning (hyperthyroidism). It has experienced all three ranges due to the medication.

He listened to the spontaneous remission from disease hypnotherapy recording and did a technique called anchoring at the same time. He started anchoring all three thyroid states and listened to the CD every single night.

The results were unbelievable. Within three weeks he noticed positive signs that his thyroid was functioning normally. He made an appointment with his GP who said he didn’t understand why, but his patient’s thyroid seemed to be at a consistent level. As far as they were concerned, his thyroid should have been hyperactive. However they kept him on medication just to be sure.

The patient was sure it was back to normal but kept on taking the tablets as instructed by his doctor. However, they continued to cause weight gain. And worse, if these tablets failed to work he would need radioactive therapy. Meanwhile, he was listening to the spontaneous remission CD continually each night.

One day he decided to stop taking the tablets. His weight was increasing and he just wanted to see whether his thyroid would be normal without them. To his delight (and relief) he discovered it was! Continuing to listen to the spontaneous remission hypnotherapy CD, he went for tests. They showed his thyroid was still normal two weeks after stopping the tablets. Four weeks later it was still normal. Six months later it was normal! It’s now been a year and a half and his thyroid is healthy and functioning normally.

The doctors have no idea why this has happened and concluded that his body just knew how to spontaneously heal itself.

However, the patient knows what caused his thyroid to return to normal functioning again! He is convinced that the spontaneous remission from disease hypnotherapy CD worked to resolve his condition. He still continues to enjoy life with a normally functioning healthy thyroid, medication free.

Source by Debbie S Williams

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