Reflexologists – Who Are They and What Do They Do?

A reflexologist is a person who performs the art of reflexology. Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure at specific pressure points on the hands and feet to promote the natural healing of the body. Reflexologists believe that specific points in the hands and feet are connected to all the major organs in the body by energy pathways. Reflexologists claim that reflexology can treat various ailments such as anemia, bronchitis, chronic back pain, convulsions, deafness, earaches, hemorrhoids, hair loss, heart disease, hiccups, kidney stones, liver trouble, sleep disorders, sports injuries, thyroid gland problems and prostate trouble. Apart from these ailments it can also help in stress reduction, aid in weight loss and clear toxins from the body.

Reflexology is an alternate form of therapy, where people who don’t find much help in allopathy for their sickness and ailments then turn to alternate treatments which have varying degrees of success. Also, a lot of the people don’t want many of the harmful side effects of allopathic medicines; they then turn to alternate forms of therapy to help their body naturally heal themselves. Reflexologists diagnose ailments by feeling or pressuring various points in the foot and then massage it for therapeutic reasons. Usually many sessions of the reflexology massage are required to cure the ailment. Reflexologists claim that all ailments are caused by stress in the body, which when relieved help cure the ailment in question. Also, the massage improves blood flow and nerve activity thereby helping in complete relaxation.

When you visit a reflexologist, they usually take your medical and lifestyle history. Then they probe the hands and feet to feel any blockages, if any blockage is found, the diagnosis and treatment is explained in detail. The cure is a series of hand and foot massages involving reflexology. In case you don’t get better, the reflexologist could even refer you to a doctor that specializes in your ailment. Reflexologists charge per session and their session may last for forty five minutes up to an hour or so. There are various courses on offer to learn the art of reflexology.

There are associations which you can enter through exams to be a part of like the Association of reflexologists. Usually reflexology massages are not done by adding any cream or oil or any lubricating substance, it is a dry massage, and this is how you differentiate between a reflexology massage and a general massage. Reflexologists generally don’t use any tools in the massage; they use a variety of thumb and forefinger techniques to apply pressure at specific points. To reap the maximum benefit of reflexology, attend all the sessions recommended by the reflexologist. Skipping any in between can hamper the effect of the treatment in progress. Reflexology can help everyone including cancer patients and their care, pregnant and lactating women as well as children. Pregnant women and children can have a variety of problems that can be non-invasively handled by reflexology, including lesser use of pain killers and fussy children.

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