Herbs To Take To Lower Cortisol

There are many great herbal/botanicals that can assist you in modulating your cortisol levels. There are primarily 3 kinds of outcomes with botanicals:

1. To prolong the cortisol response: This would be useful in cases of adrenal fatigue, in which the adrenals are UNDER-producing cortisol.

2. To lower the cortisol response: This is useful in lowering cortisol levels during times of heightened stress.

3. Adaptogens: These wonderful herbs interact with your body in a way that allows it to reach homeostasis no matter which direction cortisol is. If it is too low, the herb will raise it, is it is too high, then it will lower it.

Here are a few of the best botanicals to modulate cortisol:

To RAISE cortisol:

1. Licorice Root: This herb prolongs the half-life of cortisol by preventing its breakdown in the liver. Typically it is used in low-cortisol conditions, and low morning energy.

To LOWER cortisol:

2. Reishi Mushroom Extract: This herb works to lower cortisol and is particularly useful with individuals who have anxiety. It is very sedative and calming, and has numerous additional benefits, such as being anti-inflammatory.

3. Valarian Root Extract: This herb is another great one for individuals with anxiety. It is VERY effective at raising GABA levels in the brain and is useful particularly in the evening to help with sleep.


4. Holy Basil: This herb is an excellent well-rounded helper that can bring the body back to homeostasis. It not only balances cortisol levels, but also assists in supporting stress induced hypertension, blood sugar regulation, and supports the thyroid.

Source by Sam Visnic

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