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Thermogenic Fat Burner Supplements – Six Powerful Factors You Should Know Before Making A Decision

Thermogenic fat burner supplements vary but there are six factors that the best fat burner supplements should offer to be consistent. Americans rely on products that produce reliable results, and do so safely. First, It Should Stimulate Thermogenesis Meaning that it should activate the brown fat mechanism within your body and rev-up the fat burning […]

Painful Hair Follicles on the Scalp With Hair Loss – Causes and Treatments

One of the million dollar, catch 22 questions with hair loss accompanying a painful scalp is this: Is the condition that is affecting the scalp also causing the hair loss or is the hair loss affecting the scalp and hair follicles and therefore causing the pain?  I’ll try to answer this question in the following […]

How to Safely Use Natural Remedies to Stop Menstrual Flooding

Three years ago I was shopping with my husband in a small town several hours drive from home. I suddenly had to rush back to the car when I realized that I was experiencing a menstrual flood. This had never happened before. I was shocked and became frightened that the bleeding wouldn’t stop! I thought […]

The True Cause Of Allergies – It’s In The Liver

I used to be allergic and asthmatic. Allergy shots and allergy treatments from age 6 to age 16 made me into a spacey human pin cushion. Inhalers and medications were kept in every corner of my life. I remember going to the emergency room one Christmas Eve for adrenaline. My asthma was life-threatening at times. […]

Natural Solutions For Hair Loss Problems

The average human head has roughly 100,000 hair follicles and each follicle can grow about 20 individual hairs during a person’s lifetime. The severity and nature of baldness can vary greatly; it does range from male and female pattern alopecia, alopecia areata, which involves the loss of just some of the hair from the head, […]

What Causes Your Puffy Eyes? – Know Its Implications

The periorbital area, commonly known as the area around our eyes has the thinnest and most sensitive skin layer. Added with stress due to the constant movement of the eyeball, this part of our face becomes the primary area where degenerative imperfections such as fine lines and puffiness appear. Eye Puffiness is commonly associated with […]

Natural Hormone Balance With Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Our bodies’ hormones exist in a delicate balance with one another, and correcting imbalances can be a tricky thing to achieve. In order to understand what exactly we are dealing with, let’s take a closer look at our endocrine system, the bodies’ messaging system. Then we will further examine how Chinese Medicine can help to […]