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Indications and Contraindications for Laser Therapy

Laser has been used successfully in physical medicine and rehabilitation for more than 30 years in various parts of the world and has begun to increase in popularity in the United States since the FDA has cleared its use for a number of medical indications. Laser treatment involves introducing the energy of light into damaged […]

An Iodine Deficiency in Your Pet Cockatiel Can Cause Serious Illness

When you own a pet cockatiel you need to watch out for any sign of an iodine deficiency in your little friend. If you are like me, you would do anything to keep him or her healthy and happy. Goiter, or enlargement of the thyroid gland, shows external swelling of the bird’s neck. The growth […]

Does Metabolism Slow Down After Pregnancy? – Get the Details!

Does your metabolism slow down after pregnancy? Most women know that their body experience hormonal surges that affect the body’s processes, including nutrient delivery, storage of fat, and energy processing. Typically, the metabolism also increases which is why most pregnant women always feel hungry almost all of the time. After giving birth, these hormones fall […]

How Angular Cheilitis Affects Its Sufferers And How You Can Treat It

Angular Cheilitis is an inflamed lesion at the edges of the mouth and often occurs bilaterally. It is also known as perleches, Cheilosis or angular stomatitis. The condition often worsens when the deep cracks or splits get torn even more, opening new surfaces for the bacteria to spread to. This could also trigger severe bleeding. […]

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism Causing Hair Loss

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland releases excess hormones. This condition is characterized by excess thyroid hormones circulating the blood. There are several symptoms that are produced by this disease, of which directly cause hair loss. These are some of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism causing hair loss. Sleeping disorders: this affects the […]

Causes of Goiter

There are two main hormones produced in the thyroid glands. These hormones are called T3 and T4 or triiodothyronine and thyroxine, respectively. Both of these hormones flow throughout the bloodstream and are responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism. They also control how the body uses lipids (or fats) and carbohydrates. T3 and T4 are also […]

Seven Toxins That Impact Your Thyroid And Sabotage Your Overall Health

The majority of people with thyroid conditions also have an autoimmune disorder. This means that the thyroid itself is not the cause of your thyroid drama; it is your immune system that is attacking your thyroid. It has been found that most people with thyroid conditions also have high toxicity levels in their body. Where […]

Why You Cannot Trust TSH 3 and 4 Test Results for Thyroid Health and Wellness

I advise all of my clients to specify a full thyroid panel of tests when they get a checkup. Those of us with autoimmune diseases and those with degenerative diseases such as cancer, obesity and other potentially serious diseases often have undetected thyroid issues. In addition to those with health issues, men and women who […]

What Is The Best Thyroid Supplement For Hyperthyroidism?

Many people with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease are turning to nutritional supplements and herbs for natural symptom management, and in some cases to restore their health back to normal. Some of these people have the question “What is the best thyroid supplement for hyperthyroidism? There are numerous supplements and herbs for hyperthyroidism, and it can […]

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