Benefits of Trampoline Exercising

Trampoline exercise is a quick way to build muscle and to lose fat. The exercise that one gets from playing on the trampoline is especially helpful for women who have put on extra weight from aging or from pregnancy.

One might think that trampoline exercise would be hard on over weight middle age women as well as fit young teenagers, but just the opposite is true. The trampoline can be a fun exercise for a woman to do while playing with her young children as well as for teenagers to use up some of that pent up energy that is typical of the growing up process and can actually work out some of the toxins that might make teenagers break out into pimples or acne. Benefits of trampoline exercise are not that commonly known because learning to exercise properly on the trampoline takes skills and many people see it as an athletic sport as such.

However, the facts are that teenagers and active women would most benefit from trampoline workouts because of the very nature of the rebound effect of bouncing on the trampoline that stimulates all parts of the body but especially the glands. Bouncing on the trampoline stimulates the brain in a special way much like weightlessness stimulates the brain to adjust to lack of gravity by inducing a sense of calm to make up for the unnatural condition. Muscles have to work in special ways to absorb the shock of contact with the trampoline and the more adept one becomes in bouncing the more those muscles begin to tense and relax automatically waiting for the next bounce.

The best way to learn to play on the trampoline is in your own back yard with a good quality trampoline and not one of those cheap trampolines that can cause one great injury if it breaks while one is bouncing.

An expensive trampoline is worth its cost if it is used regularly and for young mothers with young kids, the play time can be great for learning trust, cooperation, balance, agility and to firm up muscle tone that might be flabby through lack of use.

In scientific terms, exercise on the trampoline is like pumping the body, much like the heart is kept in shape by being automatically pumped by the heart muscle. Pumping your body on the trampoline affects the thyroid gland, and it is stimulated to begin to clean itself and the entire lymphatic system of stored fat, in this case the targeted fat is cellulite. Working out on the trampoline is the most proven method of getting rid of cellulite. The thyroid is one of the three most important glands in the human body and has much to do with height and bodily muscle growth. The total body work out on the trampoline and the need for quick reaction from muscles stimulates the brain to ask for fat from thyroid controlled muscles. The loss of cellulite is one of the biggest benefits of exercising on the trampoline.

Of course, one of the other benefits of working out on the trampoline is that one gets to play and exercise in one’s back yard, breathing in fresh air and also working out in private areas. The privacy alone as well as the hard fat that one can lose by bouncing on the trampoline is worth the money and the time it might take to find a well made trampoline that can withstand impact shock without buckling. That is also an important consideration as all trampolines are not made equally well, and to buy a cheap one might be one at risk for injury while exercising on the trampoline.

Source by Anna M Everskemper

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