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Stop Underarm Sweat – Is Excessive Sweating an Early Sign of Pregnancy?

This is an article aimed at females who have many questions about what to expect when experiencing pregnancy for the first time. With those who have not experienced pregnancy before, there are many symptoms that they are likely to go through and finding out whether it is as a result of pregnancy or not will […]

Fingernail Disorders – Paying Attention To Your Nail’s Health Might Save Yours.

Fingernail condition has been used for thousands of years to accurately diagnose ailments and maladies in the body. Chinese physicians mastered this practice. Fingernail changes may signify a number of disorders elsewhere in the body. These changes may indicate illness even before the rest of the body shows any signs. Although I will discuss later […]

Major Causes Of Hair Loss In Men And Women

During a cycle of hair growth, there is little shedding. It is absolutely a normal thing and a natural process. But, for a large number of people, there is unusually excessive hair fall. It finally leads to partial or total baldness. This is a serious matter that must be attended instantly. The problem needs immediate […]

Progesterone: The Rodney Dangerfield of Hormones

Hormones control every system of the body. Knowledge of how hormones interact gives practitioners an important tool towards achieving wellness in their patients. Those people involved with bio-identical hormones, namely, compound pharmacists, physicians, and nurse practitioners, are already much aware of the importance of progesterone with regards to a woman’s gynecological well-being. However, there seems […]

Diagnosing Fibromyalgia: Tests Your Doctor Should Run in the Course of Your Treatment

Fibromyalgia is often missed or misdiagnosed for a number of reasons. There aren’t definitive blood tests or X-ray to diagnose Fibromyalgia and it shares symptoms with many other diseases and conditions. Diagnosing Fibromyalgia is a combination of taking the patient’s symptom history, a physical exam testing the Patient’s Trigger Points and exclusion. Today I’m going […]

Hypoglycemia – Hope For Healing With Essential Oils

Hypoglycemia, a condition in which the blood sugar falls below normal levels, results in tiredness, depression and physical weakness. Depending on the severity, this can be a debilitating condition. There are practical steps that can be taken to control and possibly alleviate hypoglycemia. Essential oils can play a significant role in your efforts at recovery […]

Autoimmune Disorders – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Autoimmune disorders are diseases in which the immune system of the body attacks normal healthy tissue and produces different symptoms of diseases. Nearly 160 diseases are listed as autoimmune disorders; common ones include rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, alopecia areata, SLE, thyroiditis, Addison’s disease, pernicious anaemia, celiac disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Guillain Barre Syndrome. […]

BioSignature for Fat Loss

Biotyping is gaining popularity amongst health care professionals, personal trainers and nutritionists. It is a concept whereby nutrition recommendations are individualised to your metabolism and biochemical individuality to help you lose weight or improve your health. One particular biotyping concept that is gaining popularity is BioSignature Modulation developed by Charles Poliquin. It is a very […]

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